Songs for your iPod

(3 songs from 2010 that can help you cool off at work)

Emerald and stone - Brian Eno

(best track on the album for me, too bad it wasn’t longer!)


I L U - School of Seven Bells

(Reminds me of the Lost in translation soundtrack.)


Ramona – Beck


  1. Ooo, Scott Pilgrim had some good music.

  2. ILU also makes my top tracks of 2010, although I think overall I preferred their previous album.

    And of course, Eno is a massive hero of mine.

    Still not seen Scott Pilgrim - shame on me, especially as i'm a Cera fan.

  3. @Burning Reels : I haven't actually listened to School of Seven Bells' older stuff, they are relatively new to me, will do, now you mention it, as ILU is in my top 10 of the year!
    I haven't seen Scott Pilgrim either, just remember the way they put the soundtrack together was pretty unusual, getting people to vote for tracks on a website, which I hadn't seen before, very interactive with the fans!


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