Favorite viral videos of 2016 (part 1 of 3)

Marty McFly & Doc Brown Visit Jimmy Kimmel Live
From late 2015. A must watch if you love Back To The Future trilogy

Guy dresses up as dog's favorite toy
Such a crazy and cute idea. All that love is kind of dangerous too.

Little Interviews - Rory McIlroy
Cheeky interviewer puts the golfer on the spot

Steve Davis retires and reflects
A great career in snooker. Never seen him so candid and emotional before

Robin Haase loses point for hindrance in hilarious fashion
Is grunting annoying or fun?

Donald Trump Lets Jimmy Fallon Mess Up His Hair
Because you want to know if it's real hair

What do you think about one (or all) of these videos? As always, comments are welcome!


  1. That McIlroy interview is a good one.

    1. @vinnieh: Glad you liked it! Especially amusing to watch if familiar with McIlroy's history with Wozniacki


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